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Microsoft Access
Does everybody in your office have their own individual database or Outlook file, containing the same information as everyone else?


Are your internal business forms unreadable by the time they get back to you ... or do they sometimes just disappear?


Microsoft Reporting Services
Are you wading through mammoth reports when two pages would do nicely?


Do you spend hours ... or days entering on-line orders into your internal management system?


MDT software services reduce stress, increase efficiency, reduce data entry chores, and increase reliability.


 Contact us to discuss your specific situation.  Review the topics below to learn more.

DISTINCTION On-Line Business Backup

If you are concerned about data security, you need DISTINCTION -- our secure, managed on-line business backup solution. HIPPA compliant with Tier 4 data redundancy. Don't leave your data security to chance.  More ...

Microsoft Access Development, Maintenance, & Upgrades

Screens, reports, queries, macros, security, VBA ... MDT developers know Microsoft Access and other Office applications inside and out.  More ...

Web sites, Web Applications, eCommerce, and the Cloud

All things web is today's focus for successful business.  If you are considering a new web site, or a web based business or eCommerce application, MDT can build it for you.  More ...

Sharing Data between Applications

When information is stored in one system, but created in another, the result can be a lot of manual data entry and potential for errors.  MDT can streamline your business process using data interfaces.  More ...

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for Manufacturers

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the exchange of transaction data between two business partners in digital format. We have developed a customizable solution to meet the needs of small manufacturing suppliers.  More ...

Data Conversion, Inconsistency & Other Software Challenges

The job of implementing a new software system can sometimes be made easier if you can convert existing data so it can be easily imported into the new system.  If you face this challenge, MDT can help. More ...


The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Study & Analysis
Planning & Design
Development, Testing & Documentation
Installation & Training

From Start to Finish MDT is your SDLC Partner

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