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Data that is stored in one software application may or may not be easily moved to a different one.  When this job needs to be done, there are several important things to take into consideration.  MDT can help.

Data Conversion
Data Integrity
Special Use Spreadsheets
Mail Merge

Data Conversion

The job of implementing a new software system can sometimes be made easier if you can convert existing data so it can be easily imported into the new system.


Many software vendor provide a way to transfer existing information from your current software application to theirs -- as long as you are able to get it into the "right format".


For this process to truly be successful, you also need to know and verify that the information you transfer is complete and accurate.


MDT has a record of success with data conversions.  Contact us to make sure your conversion goes as smoothly as possible.


Data Integrity

Does your Microsoft Access database suffer from what is known as "poor data integrity", i.e. two or more records for the same thing?  This problem could be something like multiple records for the same person, the same vehicle, the same training course, the same contact.


This can be a challenging problem to solve, but MDT is up to the challenge.  We create tests for duplication, resolve inconsistencies, and put strategies in place to prevent future data integrity problems.


Contact us to solve your data integrity challenges. 


Special Use Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets have tremendous capabilities.  Not only can you use them to add numbers, you can create extravagant formulas and data lists.  You can use them to create reports and charts, and outline or summarize information in a multitude of ways.


You can also link to spreadsheets from Microsoft Access and other Microsoft Office programs.  Spreadsheets can make life easier when appropriate capabilities are exploited.


When you're wondering how to accomplish your goals with spreadsheets, or wondering if spreadsheets are really the best tool for the job, contact us.  We can help you select, build, and implement the right solution for your task.


Mail Merge

Several Microsoft Office programs include the ability to merge data from other sources into program documents. The key to accomplishing this task is matching your data list to the fields in your Microsoft Office program.


When field names match, this work goes smoothly. If they don't automatically match up and you need assistance, contact us. We can show you how to match fields, sort the data, and even exclude specific records.