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All things web is today's focus for successful business.  If you are considering a new web site, or a web based business or eCommerce application, MDT can build it for you.

Web Sites
Web Applications and the Cloud

Web Sites

Web sites come in all sorts of flavors, styles, and colors.  But they all have one thing in common:  they exist to provide information.


A web site can serve as a point of contact between a customer and the vendor of a desired product, offering not only contact information, but a web based email service for requesting information.


A more advanced web site can be made "interactive" by providing features that let the site owner update information that is displayed to site visitors.


No business or organization today can afford to be without an information presence on the Internet.  Contact us today to create or update your web presence.



eCommerce enables a business or organization to sell products on line.  An eCommerce web site will provide information about your products, and will include an interface to a payment processor.


If you have just a few products to sell, there are several great options available to you for minimal cost.  Contact us today to find out about them.


If you have a large number of products to sell, or want to integrate an existing eCommerce web site with your in house order management system, you need more than just the basics.  MDT can help you sort through existing options, and/or build a customized eCommerce application for you.


Contact us to build your eCommerce web site.


Web Applications & the Cloud

Web applications process transactions -- just like your desktop software applications do.  And they present some terrific advantages:

  • Separate office locations can all use the same software and work with the same data.
  • Different types of operating systems can still run the software, because it runs in a browser.
  • When a software update is ready, there is only one application to update.
  • Eliminate the need for VPN network expense.

MDT experience makes us your logical choice for building browser/web based software applications.  We build using state-of-the-art Microsoft technologies with 128-bit SSL data encryption.


MDT can build and install a three-tier web based application that will run on your own server (Windows Server 2003 or higher).  We can provide hosting services for you, or work with your choice of hosting providers.


Contact us to build your browser/web based application.