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Microsoft Access and VBA

Microsoft bundled tremendous capabilities in this low-cost, full-featured database development tool. MDT developers understand the security, ribbon, multi-user client/server best practices, and ODBC data sources that can take your Microsoft Access applications to the next level.


When forms, reports, macros, and queries are not enough, professional MDT developers use VBA to create user-friendly screens, perform special error handling, build data validation routines, merge data for specialized reports, create invisible connections to pass data to other applications, and more.


Call us today to leverage the data stored in your Microsoft Access databases and other applications in the most amazing ways!


Microsoft .NET Technologies

If you have your own IT department, but need some help with a specific project in order to meet time line and budget, we offer expertise with the following high end Microsoft technologies:

  • VB .NET
  • Microsoft Reporting Services
  • SharePoint

We also use these state-of-the art technologies to build cloud applications, browser based software, and web sites.


Web Development Technologies

Web sites can be developed using a variety of technologies. We have experience with these additional development tools:

  • Microsoft Expression Web
  • Joomla

MDT hosts web sites and web applications on Microsoft Windows servers.


Microsoft Office Applications and VBA

MDT software professionals can help you with all of your Microsoft Office applications needs:

  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, formulas, and pivot tables
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • Microsoft Visio application modeling
  • Microsoft Word and Publisher mail merge

Did you know that you can share just about any information between all of your Microsoft Office applications?  For instance, you can insert a spreadsheet into a Word or Publisher application, connect your Microsoft Access database to an Excel spreadsheet or an Outlook data file, and more.


Sometimes, the ability to connect is fairly straight-forward, as for mail merge features in Microsoft Word and Publisher.  MDT professional developers also use VBA to create streamlined connections from one Microsoft Office application to another. 


You can begin streamlining your information flow today.  MDT provides onsite training services and remote customer support assistance in addition to professional programming services.  Call MDT today


Microsoft SQL Server

MDT also offers services for building and maintaining SQL Server databases.  These services include:

  • data normalization
  • relationships and referential integrity
  • data views
  • stored procedures
  • Crystal Reports

Contact MDT to build and maintain Microsoft SQL Server databases and create custom reports from SQL Server data.



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Tips and Tricks
  • Use the JE4 page size to create a #9 envelope
  • Save money on the applications you love with Microsoft Cloud Services and Office 365


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